Custom Solutions

Custom-made – the right solution for any environment

In addition to our 4 standard ready to use cabin units, we offer customized solutions. The following options are available:

  • Cabin size
  • Individual color design (wide color palette and textures available)
  • Individual branding with foil available
  • Individual color combination of bricks and absorbers

Custom branding

Custom-built interior fittings and designs (for example video screens, desktop references or furniture) on demand.

Custom made: On request we also realize customized solutions.

Exchangeable windows and doors

Windows and doors are exchangeable. The doors can be ordered with both right-hand (“DIN rechts”) and left-hand hinges (“DIN links”).

trade fairs / road shows / industrial purposes

OfficeBricks cabins are also suited for special areas of applications e.g.;

  • Use at trade fairs and road shows with frequent assembly and disassembly.
  • Use for industrial purposes (noise-intensive production lines, printing plants etc.).


We are also offering special designed Officebricks cabins:

  • Logo milling
  • Texture printing, e.g., cement style
Our pre-configured ready to use cabin units
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