What’s so unique about the OFFICEBRICKS concept?

  • OFFICEBRICKS is the first patented sound insulating cabin system for professional use in office, fair trade and industry environments that can be simply stuck together due to its modular design. No drilling, screwing or adhesive bonding! Please have a look at this short video explaining the brick concept. (link to movie)
  • Our cabins provide two-way sound insulation, that is no external noise gets inside the cabin and conversations in the cabin cannot be overheard from outside. All components are standarized and precision-made using CNC machines. Because of the modular design cabins can be flexibly adjusted to existing rooms. The assembly time for a OFFICEBRICKS cabin is short and can be done by us or by the customer himself on site if interested as no drilling, screwing or proofing is needed. Our cabins are not permanent installations, but are units that can simply be demounted and assembled like furniture when moving to another office building. Because of this modular brick concept our cabin systems are also oustandingly suited for use at trade fairs and road shows. 

Where do the 4 OFFICEBRICKS cabins differ, Phone Unit, Work Unit, Meeting Unit and Conference Unit?

  • All 4 units are double-walled sound insulating cabins for professional use in office, trade fair and industry environments. They only differ in size and varying interior fitings defined by the operational area. For all units we use doors and windows with sound insulated glas.

Is it possible to use the existing Wi-Fi as well as my mobile phone?

  • You can use the existing Wi-Fi in our OFFICEBRICKS cabins. Additionally all units have a ethernet port built-in. The use of mobile phones and tablets is also possible as our cabins let cellular signals pass. The reason is that except for the doors the units are mainly made of wood and special acoustic absorbers.

How can I order one of your OFFICEBRICKS cabins?

  • You can send us your inquiry by e-mail to info@officebricks.de or visit us at our showroom in Frankfurt/Germany. Or simply give us a call as we will be happy to offer you advice and information at any time without commitment. Before ordering we will submit you an offer with all key data/parameters like ceiling height, color, interior settings as well as packaging, shipping and assembly.

How long does manufacturing take?

  • The OFFICEBRICKS Phone Unit is available on short notice in standard color white, all other colors and cabin units have a production time of 6 to 8 weeks.

How is shipment carried out?

  • Within Germany and Austria we deliver by Schenker Logistics. After dispatch we will forward tracking number and contact person at Schenker Logistics to the customer so that the exact delivery date and time can be arranged. For Germany 19% VAT incur. For Austria, in case of commercial purchase, no VAT will be charged if you provide us with your European value added tax identification number. For private purchases we have to add 19% VAT within the EU.
  • To Switzerland we deliver with one of our own trucks. For delivery to Switzerland 8% import turnover tax and approximately 2% Douane incur. OFFICEBRICKS will take care of the customs handling and will invoice the accumulated costs after delivery.
  • To all other countries worldwide we ship with different logistic companies. In case of commercial purchase no VAT will be charged if you provide us with your European value added tax identification number. For private purchase we have to add 19% VAT within the EU. All shipments to non-European countries are VAT-exempt. Depending on the receiving country different import taxes and customs duty will incur.

Who assembles the cabins?

  • For commercial use we recommend to let the setup done by us or one of our trained partners in our network. But of course our units can also be assembled by yourself as it is easy and not time-consuming. Every customer receives precise installation instructions as a pdf file. The cabin will be delivered in a wooden box by a truck with loading ramp free to curb. We recommend 2 persons to carry the construction elements from the truck to the office and later on to proceed with the assembly.

Is it possible to place the cabins in any office without difficulty?

  • Our double-walled cabins PHONE UNIT, WORK UNIT, MEETING UNIT and CONFERENCE UNIT can be set up in any office, industrial environment or exhibition hall. For larger individual cabin solutions we recommend to consult a stress analyst.

How soundproof are your cabins?

  • Our double-walled OFFICEBRICKS cabins are not 100% soundproof, but have very strong sound-absorbing properties. A complete soundproof cabin would have to be made of extremely bulky and heavy walls and could not be set up in a normal office. OFFICEBRICKS cabins are therefore the perfection solution if sound absorbing areas are needed. The specifications, done according to ISO standards by a certified company, you can found on our product sheets availabe as pdf files on our product sides.

Is it possible to demount the cabins at a later point of time and to set them up at a different place or office?

  • OFFICEBRICKS cabins are assembled by simply slotting the components together, neither adhesives nor screwing are needed. Due to this patented modular design a simple set up and demounting is possible and offers flexibility regarding choice of location and use. All components are precision-made and every cabin is assembled and checked prio to shipping, for example to guarantee a trouble-free assembly even after sea transport.

Does OFFICEBRICKS offer a warranty?

  • We offer a 2-year warranty on our cabins from billing date for repair and spare parts. All shipping costs are the responsibilty of the purchaser.This warranty does not cover damage resulting from an accident, mishandling, vandalism, misuse, abuse, alteration or lack of reasonable care. This warranty also does not cover damage resulting from outdoor use as OFFICEBRICKS cabins are are designed for indoor use only. This warranty is extended to the original owner only and is not transferable. For further questions please contact us via e-mail info@OfficeBricks.de