Work Unit

The optimal soundproof booth for making phone calls, long-lasting intensive working as well as video conferences. Provides space for 1 person.


  • Offers the same features as the Phone Unit, yet is bigger
  • The optimal choice for long-lasting focussed working or video conferences
  • Ideally also suitable as a call center or e-learning booth
  • Sound isolation due to double-walled structure
  • No external noise in the cabin
  • Inside conversations cannot be overheard from outside


  • Double-glazed window and door
  • With integrated work station/table board and sufficient space for an office chair
  • Working light and electric fan for fresh air
  • Connections: electric sockets, ethernet ports (RJ45)
  • Optional: connections for video screen and camera
  • Dimensions: 152 x 122 x 204 cm (inside), 168 x 138 x 238 cm (outside)


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