OFFICEBRICKS is a modular cabin system that is quick to assemble and disassemble, while creating sound-absorbing work and privacy areas.


The perfect solution for:
  • Open office environments
  • Start-ups
  • Call centers
  • Agencies
  • Financial service providers
  • Trade fairs and road shows
  • E-Learning
  • Lounges (airports, train stations, etc.)
  • Conference center



  • No permanent installation – quick to assemble and removable.
  • Easy to assemble with handy brick modules to stick together – no drilling, adhesive bonding or screwing needed.
  • Save investment through flexibility in room design.
  • No special removing costs when moving to other offices. In case of relocation the cabin comes along.
  • Integrated electric components like sockets, Ethernet and USB Ports.


  • Two-way sound insolation (no external noise in the cabin, inside conversations cannot be overheard from outside).
  • Pleasant room acoustics combines high sound absorbtion with a natural and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Low-noise ventillation system with hygiene filter provides a healthy indoor climate.
  • Doors and windows made of laminated safety glass with sound insolation.

Smart Design-Elements

  • The OnAir sign lights up when the cabin is in use.
  • Door fully made of laminated safety glass with sound insulation and ergonomic door handle.
  • Plug & Play: ready-to-use by connecting the cabin to a plug after assembly.
  • Dimmable LED light controlled by motion detector
  • User-friendly integration of all Sockets and Ethernet ports in one brick
Our pre-configured ready to use cabin units
Custom-made solutions for office, trade fair and industry